Paid NYC Summer 2024 Internship Opportunities with Summer 2024 Internship Program

Application Deadline: May 21st

In-person Interview Event: May 23rd

Program Timeline: June 3rd – Late August

Compensation: $20/hr @ 25 hours max per week

Working Style: Hybrid

Working Schedule: Remote M/F, in-person Tu/W/Th. DoSomething offers flexible working hours between 8am – 6pm EST.

DoSomething Office: 50 w 17th Street, Floor 11

DoSomething is a thirty-year-old nonprofit fueling young people to change the world. These young activists have made a difference from donating over 1 million jeans to homeless youth; to over 4,600 young people powering the petition that compelled Apple to create emojis representing people of color; and providing 585,965 menstrual products to achieve gender equity! On top of all that, DoSomething has registered 365,000 young people to vote and claim our democracy since 2018, with their voter turnout rate, above the national average, at 62 percent. Check out their 2023 Year in Review.

This internship will allow you to significantly contribute to an open project within one of their teams (Programming & Impact, Product & Engineering, People & Culture, Development, Marketing & Communications) while growing a strong transferable skill set and gaining an understanding of non-profit life. You’ll feel a sense of inclusion and belonging in both your intern cohort and the organization at large.

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Independent Work on Your Team’s Open Project (10 – 16 hours/wk)
    Develop and grow project management skills such as: research, utilizing tools/resources, performance tracking/deadlines, creative problem solving, systems thinking, etc.
  • Joining Team Meetings (1.5 hours/wk)
    Observership; seeing how teams work together, problem solve, and manage projects in live time. Grow your language toolkit, learn best practices.
  • Meeting 1:1 w/Your Leader (40 minutes/wk)
    This time will allow you to update your leader on project progress, receive feedback, get support with roadblocks, and receive personalized coaching and mentorship.
  • Representing DS (5 hours/wk)
    This time allows you to serve as a representative for DS’s mission and work. This could look like: tabling at events, working directly with members or donors, social media take overs, etc.
  • Professional Development Series (1 hour/wk)
    This time is dedicated to your professional development. The first half of our series will cover the business-functions associated with non-profit organizations. The second half will be a speaker series hosted by folks on our team, possible topics: resume building / interview best practices, effective storytelling, data analytics, people leadership, etc.
  • Intern Cohort Time (1 hour/wk)
    This time allows you to bond with other interns, share what’s going well and make suggestions on how the program could be better. We will relationship build and have some fun!

Marketing and Communications:

(M&C) holds the vision of the DoSomething brand and develops effective communications strategies that engage both new and existing members and partners. Their work includes: producing content to power all of our DoSomething newsletters/SMS messaging/social media channels, developing media pitches and forging partnerships with entertainment properties/influencers/youth networks to keep the brand fresh and relevant, building the communications/marketing/promotional strategies for DoSomething programs and campaigns that bring them to life in fresh and exciting ways such as influencer partnerships/unique incentives/video assets, supporting cross-functional teams with communication tools to advance their work, administer our DoSomething monthly scholarship program and manage scholarship marketing partners. Marketing & Communication ensures that DoSomething remains fresh and relevant with all of our key audiences and that our communications remain consistent, accessible, and reach young people where they are and need to hear from us most.

For more information and steps to apply, visit 2024 Summer Internship Program – – Career Page (