51 Communication, Digital Media and Journalism Students Inducted into Lambda Pi Eta National Honor Society on May 5

The Communication & DMJ Departments hosted this year’s Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Association Honor Society induction ceremony on Sunday, May 5th in the Coykendall Auditorium. Fifty-one students were inducted during the ceremony, presented by LPH Chapter President Nancy Heiz and assisted by Associate Professor Megan Sperry, who serves as LPH Faculty Advisor.

Membership in the honor society is restricted to those who have earned a GPA of 3.5 in the communication-related major, and an overall GPA of 3.25. This year, we are thrilled to announce 51 students were inducted (see list below).

This year’s inductees:

Cary Abramson, Aidyn Gartmann, Max Rosenfeld,

Joshua Acosta, Joanna Goldshine, Isaac Rostan,

Ireland Arceri, Janani Hariram, Isabelle Schuyler,

Bella Bento, Zack Kaltenmeier, Alyssa Sciarrone,

Lauren Berardi, Patrick Kelly, Allison Shoen,

Sati Brasseale, Andrew Lennon, Fiona Seabrook,

Lena Burch, Mackenzie Levitt, Trent Silvestri,

Alyssa Bush, Mia Lucero, Ryan Simmons,

Emma Carey, Mikhael Makower, Sophia Singer,

Gail Comiskey, Juliana Merchant, Olivia Sippel,

Remy Commisso, Ryan Miller, Jeremy Sodergren,

Isabella DeBenedictis, Matthew Mingoia, Briana Taylor,

Victoria Earvolino, Joseph Mondello, Brianna Vazquez,

Elias Elcock, Emily Musumeci, Matthew Walsh,

Michael Erkan, Rebecca Oberle, Abigail Webb,

Chloe Faoro, Marcel Pugliese, Grace Williams,

Madeline Finelli, Alyssa Roldan, Ruby Zuckerman.