CCD Seeking Summer 2024 Paid Marketing and Communications Interns

Are you passionate about making a difference in our political system? Do you want to be part of a groundbreaking initiative that aims to unite Americans around a shared vision for our country’s future? Look no further! The Center for Collaborative Democracy’s Grand Bargain Project is hiring three paid internship opportunities!

The Center for Collaborative Democracy (CCD), in collaboration with the Consensus Building Institute (CBI), is seeking three exceptional interns to join:

  • Integrated Marketing Intern (10h/wk at $25/hr) Design captivating visuals and manage our social media presence to engage and inspire their audience.
  • Community Strategy Intern (10h/wk at $22.50/hr) Manage their community engagement website (blog), create AirTable interfaces, and develop newsletter strategies to foster meaningful connections.
  • Communications Intern (10h/wk at $22.50/hr) Craft compelling blog posts, curate informative newsletters, and refine their messaging to effectively communicate their mission.

The Grand Bargain Project aims to break the cycle of divisiveness and dysfunction in our political system by uniting over 80% of Americans around six critical policy objectives:
✅ Boosting economic mobility, productivity, and growth
✅ Reforming education to help students reach their potential
✅ Making healthcare more effective and less costly
✅ Curbing the national debt
✅ Stabilizing the global climate
✅ Making the tax code fairer and simpler

If you’re interested in joining their team and contributing to this transformative endeavor, please email with your resume, cover letter (in the email body if you’d like), and the following subject line: [Intern Application] Internship you’re interested in and Name.

To learn more about the Grand Bargain Project, visit