Meet the Candidates for the Global, Sustainable, and Nonprofit Communication Professor Position

The Department of Communication search committee is welcoming faculty candidates for the position of Global, Sustainable, and Nonprofit Communication Professor — and welcomes student input! Scroll down for the schedule of their teaching demonstrations and their research presentations. Hope you can join us!
All students are invited to drop in to CSB 54 to chat informally with the candidates.  These informal meetings are for students only.  Cookies and coffee will be served! These sessions are:
Dr. Mohammad Ala-Uddin: Friday, Jan 27, 4:00-4:45.  Yes, that’s this week!

His scholarship examines the communicative and cultural implications of digital media and public information and contributes to equity and justice. Ala-Uddin combines qualitative methods with computational techniques and studies the leading and peripheral discourses of digital media and social change, especially how they are created, contested, and tied with the systems of power in translocal, transnational, and global contexts. His research, well rooted in communication, also takes on a multidisciplinary approach, looking to media and cultural studies, political economy, feminist theory, subaltern studies, critical ethnography, critical data studies, and digital humanities.

Khairul Islam, Tues, Jan 31, 9:00-9:45 (Time to be confirmed)

His research focuses on crisis communication involving public health, organization, and role of media. Specifically, he investigates how organizational messages and media influence peoples’ behaviors in response to crises and emergencies. His research areas include crisis communication; water and environmental risk; public health management and strategic communication; persuasive message effects; role of media in public health; social mediated communication; global public health; experimental research; survey research; and content analysis.

Michael Kim, Thursday, Feb 2, 10:15-11:00

He investigates the international dynamics of development communication and communication for social change (CSC) from a critical perspective. He believes that media continue to play a significant role in international development. Kim investigates how actors of social change (e.g., journalists, NGOs, and development institutions) communicate social issues to the public. His research examines how a technologically deterministic approach to social change fails to consider the global media system’s dysfunctional structures and leads to cursory discussions of social justice, stemming from the politics of attention economy, intra-organizational struggles, and decision-making processes experienced by the “social media specialists.”

All Teaching Demonstrations take place in HUM 214 (first 45 minutes; then reconvene in CSB 54 for Q&A with faculty):

Thursday, Jan 26 5:00-6:15

Tuesday, Jan 31 3:30-4:45

Thursday, Feb 2 3:30-4:45


All Research Presentations take place in CSB 54:

Friday, January 27, 2:45-3:45

Tuesday, January 31, 11 am -12 noon

Friday, February 3, 2:45-3:45

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