Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions that relate to the Communication Studies and DMJ departments that are useful during this time of distance learning.

How do I declare a major or minor in Communication (or DMJ)?  The forms to declare a major or minor can be found here. Print, sign and scan or photograph each page and email them to Amy Witkus at to declare.

How do I use My Schedule Planner? Students must use My Schedule Planner to register for classes. My Schedule Planner can be found on under the “Registration” tab. Learn how to use My Schedule Planner with these tutorial videos.

How to tell if I have a hold on my account? Students will not be allowed to register for classes if they have any holds on their account. To see if you have a hold, go to and under the Resources tab, click “General” and then “Holds.” All holds must be taken care of before you can register for classes.

How to tell if I have permission to join a course? Some courses need special permission by Instructor or Chair to join. This was previously called an “override.” Students can see if they were granted permission by logging on to and clicking the “Registration” tab and then “Registration Permissions.” 

How do I get internship credits? All DMJ majors are required to complete an internship. Communication majors are not required, but strongly encouraged to complete an internship. To earn internship credits, you must fill out paperwork to be approved to earn internship credits. This is the very first step in the internship process and should be done before you know where you are interning. Click here to view the entire internship process.

Where do I look for an internship? We offer many resources for students to find internships. This blog post links to each of our sources to find internships. Students can look for an internship at our Prior Placement List, Instagram, Facebook, the “Internship” tab on our blog, Handshake, or Mediabistro.

Haven’t found an answer to your question? Email Nancy Heiz at for more information.

Fall Internship With NYPIRG

The NYPIRG internship offers help honing your skills in:

• Public Speaking
• Writing for Advocacy
• Media Outreach
• Coalition Building
• Event Planning
• Time Management
• Advocacy

Our past interns have helped to accomplish the following:

• Registered thousands of new voters
• Stopped tuition hikes, preventing cuts to financial aid (TAP) and opportunity programs
• Banned fracking in New York State
• Educated the campus by organizing forums on student loans and credit card debt
• Collected food, clothing, and money for the hungry and homeless
• Released widely cited consumer reports on toy safety and prescription drugs
• Published reports on the state of the subway

NYPIRG will work on a number of major campaigns each semester, each with a set of semester long goals and long terms objectives. The projects we work on will include a range of organizing opportunities, including planning events, working in coalitions, performing outreach and education, and receiving media coverage for the issue. Through such activities, interns will not only learn about the issue area they are working on, but they will learn public speaking, time management, persuasive speaking, research, advocacy, and writing skills as well. Consequently, our interns graduate with fuller resumes, endless resources, and great recommendations! Through this internship, you will make a positive impact on your life in school, as well as in your community.

To apply, email Eric Wood at

Fall Internship at Townsquare Media

Interns will work alongside the following departments: Promotions, Live Events, Programming, Production, Digital, Business and Sales. Interns will understand how all of the departments work together in creating marketing solutions for our clients. Interns must be able to receive credit.

To apply, email Robyn Scarchilli at

Hudson Valley Magazine Internships for Summer and Fall

Hudson Valley Magazine is a lifestyle magazine located in Fishkill, NY. They are seeking a Digital Intern, as a full or part time position. This internship is unpaid and the student must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program and receiving course credit. This internship is an opportunity to see how a monthly magazine and its website are put together.

Responsibilities include:
• Contribute writing to the magazine’s daily web content
• Helping with any web projects and site improvements, as determined by digital editor
• Working one-on-one with members of our digital team
• Helping to edit and monitor our online calendar of events
• Data entry
• Researching and writing web exclusive stories
• Attending events as a reporter

To apply, contact Sabrina Sucato at

Follow Our Internship Instagram

The DMJ and Comm Departments have created a new Instagram for the internship program. This instagram shares internship opportunities and information on the internship process. Follow @npcommedia on Instagram to stay updated!

Graphic by Katelin Hanke

Summer and Fall Internships at Chronogram Media

Chronogram Media is looking for a few sales and marketing interns for summer and fall 2020. Interns will get experience in many standard industry tools such as WordPress, Customer Relationship Management Tools, Mailing Agents, Project Management Tools and other “must have” tools if you intend to enter the Marketing/Sales/Advertising industry. Interns should be energized and enthusiastic about joining and learning from their Marketing and Sales Teams.

To apply, email Senior Sales Manager Lisa Montanaro at

Want to Declare a Comm Major or Minor? Here’s the Paperwork…

Want to declare or change a major or minor within the Department of Communication?

To declare or change a major:

1. Please fill out these 2 forms (attached here in one PDF):


Declaration/Change of Major form (page 1)
Acknowledgement of Internship Credit Policy (page 2)

Communication students aren’t required to do internships but are encouraged to do one. This form explains that it is your responsibility to get certified eligible to do an internship at least one semester PRIOR to LOOKING for an internship placement. Once approved for credit, approval remains valid until graduation, so long as your GPA remains above 2.5.

To declare or change a minor, fill out this form:

Declaration of Minor Form

2. Print, sign and scan or photograph each page and email to Amy Witkus at

You will be assigned a faculty advisor in our department.

Internship Opportunity with NYS Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson

New York State Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson (104th District) is currently looking for interns with strong writing skills to assist him in his Newburgh offices. This is a great opportunity for journalism majors looking to step into the political field. Interested interns should send a resume and cover letter to ‘Julie’ at

Scholarships Available for Legislative Gazette Interns

The Legislative Gazette is offering scholarships for interns. There are four $2,000 scholarships available for students earning 6credits to travel to Albany 2 days per week. One $5,000 scholarship is available, along with a potential full-tuition waiver, for a student earning 12 credits who can spend 4 or 5 days in Albany. This full-time intern would serve as an assistant editor and run the day-to-day newsroom activities alongside the editor (James Gormley).

Apply for the scholarships on under “Money” and “Apply for Scholarships Online”

The deadline for scholarship applications is March 31.

To learn more about internships at The Legislative Gazette, visit

Have any questions? Email Professor James Gormley at

How To Tell If You Have a Special Permission to Register for a Course (formerly called an “Override”)

Sometimes, students need special permission for a course in order to register. Such restrictions are used to limit access to courses.  You can tell if a course needs a special permission (formerly called an “override”) if it states “Needs Chair Approval” or “Instructor’s Approval” in the course description, under “Restrictions.”  Once you have been granted that permission,  you can check to see it by going to and under the “Registration” tab, click on “Registration Permissions.” It will look like this: