Summer Courses Offered by the Communication Department

Summer courses are a great way to catch up or get ahead with credits. All summer courses are offered online, which means that you can complete them from anywhere you have internet service. This summer the Communication department is offering the following classes:

  • CMM 214 Storytelling and Culture
  • CMM 355 Nonverbal Communication, taught by Stellina Chapman
  • CMM 359 Communication Among Cultures, taught by Stellina Chapman
  • LIN 413 Sociolinguistics, taught by Oksana Laleko

Registration for the summer session opens on April 12. You do not need your advisor’s permission to register for summer courses. Be sure to check the start and end dates of each class on the Summer 2021 schedule of classes.

Visit the Summer site:



Fall 2021 Advising Season is Underway

The Fall 2021 Schedule of Classes is live on!

DMJ schedule click here

Communication Studies schedule click here

Don’t delay: Schedule a meeting NOW to meet with your advisor BEFORE APRIL 9.

Meet with your advisor remotely (Zoom, Webex, BB Collaborate, phone, etc.) to go over your Fall schedule and discuss your progress toward graduation. Don’t forget to use My Schedule Planner to design your preferred schedule for next semester.

Meet With Your Major Advisor—Be Prepared!

Now that the Fall 2021 schedule of classes is posted, you should be setting up an appointment to meet virtually with your major advisor. You must meet with your major advisor in order to be cleared to register. Before your meeting, make sure to have a draft schedule made in My Schedule Planner (accessed through and have your progress report on hand. Don’t wait to set up your meeting!


Important Internship Guidelines and Resources to Find Internships

Internships are not required for CMM majors, but they are highly recommended.

Don’t know when to complete your internship? Feeling lost in the process and don’t know the next step? Consider these points when trying to find, apply, and complete your internship.

Use this post to help guide your application process:

  • Get certified As Soon As Possible! If you are eligible you should apply for certification right away! Requirements for earning internship approval include having at least 18 credits completed or in progress for your major, 30+ credits completed/in progess at SUNY New Paltz, 60+ total credits completed/in progress, and at least a 2.5 overall GPA.
  • Once you complete the paperwork and are approved to earn internship credits, you remain eligible until graduation as long as you still meet all the requirements. You do not need to resubmit the paperwork if you choose to wait another semester(s) to complete your internship!
  • Summer internships will most likely cost money! Students pay out of pocket for credits earned during the summer, whether that be summer school or internships. If your financial aid doesn’t cover summer credits, plan to take your internship during the school year to avoid out-of-pocket costs.
  • There are NO internships during the winter intersession. This session is only 3 weeks long and is not long enough to complete an internship. Internships are only available during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Once you get approved to take internship credits (deadline for Spring is second Friday in November; deadline for Summer & Fall is second Friday in March), you need to find an internship placement. Here is a list of resources you can use to find an internship to suite you:

  • List of Past Internships
    • This list has EVERY internship DMJ and CMM students have completed since Spring 2012 and is updated every semester. It also has all the contact information for each of these internships. Use this resource!
  • Internship Instagram for DMJ and CMM majors
    • Our @npcommedia Instagram account is constantly uploading new internship opportunities. Check back here often!
  • Handshake
    • Find this in under the “Employment Resources” tab
    • It has job and internship listings
  • Media bistro
    • This is a website created solely for job/internship listings in the media field. This is a great resource for all DMJ and CMM majors
  • Vimeo video: Where Can I Look for an Internship?
    • This video will show you all the great resources you can find internship opportunities. Try them all!

Seniors—Deadline Upcoming for Summer ’21 Internship

Students looking to graduate in Spring 2021: there is an internship eligibility deadline upcoming that you must make, or risk not graduating on time.

Unlike DMJ majors, CMM majors are not required to complete an internship in order to graduate. However, everyone is encouraged to complete an internship to gain valuable experience. If you are a senior and want to complete an internship for credit, and you have not already completed or are not currently completing an internship, you must intern next semester. That means you MUST apply for internship eligibility this semester! The deadline is Friday, Mar. 12.

So, what does that mean? Applying for internship eligibility means you have to be approved before you can earn internship credits or even start looking for an internship placement.

Our department has to make sure you are ready to represent our department, internship program and SUNY New Paltz out in the work world. Once your internship eligibility application has been approved and you are eligible to earn internship credits, then you can start looking for an internship.

To apply for internship eligibility, click here to be taken to our Internship Eligibility Application folder, which can also be found by visiting Blackboard, clicking on the Community tab and clicking “Spring21_Communication & DMJ Students”

First, read through the Internship Information post and make sure you understand everything in there. After you’ve read that, click the Google Form and enter all the required information to apply for eligibility. Then, upload your progress report and one-page, single-sided resume via the two turnitin links. That’s it! Once you are approved, you will receive an email with your next steps, which include searching for an internship placement.

Remember, the deadline to complete this process is Friday, Mar. 12 if you are planning on interning in the Spring 2021 semester.

Seniors looking to graduate in December 2021 must make the Mar. 12 deadline or you cannot earn credits for an internship you will complete.

Our Internship Policy Acknowledgement Form

While internships are not mandatory for Communication Studies students, they are recommended. Our department has a process by which students must get certified eligible to earn academic credits for work at an internship.

Certification must happen at least 1 semester BEFORE you look for an internship placement. Once you are eligible, please apply for certification.

To be eligible, you must have:

  • completed 60 credits (junior or senior status)
  • completed 30 credits at SUNY New Paltz
  • earned 18 credits in your major
  • earned a 2.5 or higher GPA
  • submitted your application, with resume and Progress Report by the March deadline for summer and fall OR the November deadline for spring internships

You can find the certification application in the Blackboard community “Spring21_Communication & DMJ Students.”

In that Blackboard community, there is a post titled “Internship Policy and Procedures.” Read that before you fill out the application. Then you can check the box in the application that you have read that post.

This form is mandatory for newly declared majors in our department.




Transfers: Register for Internship Eligibility Once You Have 30 New Paltz Credits

Transfer students, you should apply for internship eligibility once you have 30 New Paltz credits.

Applying for internship eligibility means you must be approved to earn credits for any internship you complete, before you complete it. You must be certified as internship eligible at least one semester before you look for an internship placement, but you should do it as soon as you are eligible.

Once you are certified as eligible, you remain eligible until you graduate, as long as your GPA does not fall below 2.5.

Here are the minimum requirements to be certified as eligible to earn internship credits.

  • 2.5 GPA
  • 18 credits in your major
  • 60 total credits
  • 30 credits at SUNY New Paltz

To apply for internship eligibility, visit the Blackboard community “Spring21_Communication & DMJ Students” to submit your application, progress report, and one-page, single-sided resume.

Confused about this process? Read this blog post to catch up!

Remember, all DMJ majors and journalism minors are required to complete an internship.

CMM majors are not required to complete an internship, but if they want to earn credits for an internship they complete, they must also follow this process.

You Must Have Internship Placement Approved Before You Intern, Not After!

There is no retroactive credit for internships. This means that you cannot complete an internship and then seek credit for it afterwards. You must have your internship placement approved before you complete that internship, otherwise it will not count for credits.


First, registration for internship credits is just like registration for a class: there’s an add/drop period and no changes can be made after that period.

Next, our Internship Coordinator must have oversight over every internship our students complete in order to ensure that students are getting a valuable learning experience that is in line with the major requirements and to facilitate any problems that may arise in an internship. This is SUNY policy.

Also, before you complete an internship that will count for credit towards your SUNY New Paltz degree, you must be approved to represent our department and our university in the work world. Without this prior “certification,” we would have no idea if you were prepared to represent our department or the university to an outside company. The certification process is outlined below. All our majors signed an “Internship Policy Acknowledgement Form” when they declared their DMJ or Comm Studies major.

There are also certain steps that must be taken during your internship, including participating in the 1-credit online internship seminar and securing a mid-semester evaluation from your supervisor. That is why it is necessary to follow all department internship procedures before you start your internship.

**Remember, even BEFORE you look for an internship placement, you must get certified eligible by having:

60 total credits
30 credits at New Paltz
18 credits in your major
2.5 GPA

Look on Blackboard > Communities > “Spring21Comm&DMJStudents” for the Internship folder, where you’ll find the application and TurnItIn links to upload your 1-page resume and progress report.