Want to Declare a Comm Major or Minor? Here’s the Paperwork…

Want to declare or change a major or minor within the Department of Communication?

To declare or change a major:

1. Please fill out these 2 forms (attached here in one PDF):


Declaration/Change of Major form (page 1)
Acknowledgement of Internship Credit Policy (page 2)

Communication students aren’t required to do internships but are encouraged to do one. This form explains that it is your responsibility to get certified eligible to do an internship at least one semester PRIOR to LOOKING for an internship placement. Once approved for credit, approval remains valid until graduation, so long as your GPA remains above 2.5.

To declare or change a minor, fill out this form:

Declaration of Minor Form

2. Print, sign and scan or photograph each page and email to Nancy Heiz at heizn@newpaltz.edu

You will be assigned a faculty advisor in our department.