How to Apply for Internship Eligibility; Follow These Simple Steps!

If you’re thinking about applying for internship eligibility but don’t know if you’re ready, don’t worry! Applying for eligibility is easier than you would think. To apply there are some requirements. You must have:

  • 60 total credits
  • 30 credits at New Paltz
  • 18 credits in your major
  • 2.5 GPA minimum

Credits can be in progress, as long as your progress report says (at least) 60 total credits. Continue reading

Woodstock Film Festival Seeks Interns

The Woodstock Film Festival is currently searching for interns in ALL departments, including but not limited to Operations, Press, Public Relations, and Administrative. General experience includes database management, film entry screening evaluations, fundraising, public relations, press, community outreach, event planning, equipment optimizing/organization, and more. Of course, the internship will be custom tailored depending on the intern’s individual experience and skills. Interns will have many opportunities to meet and network with well-connected and promising industry members while enjoying responsibility in a fast-paced and team-based environment. Continue reading