Busting Internship Myths

Myth 1: Internships are required for COM majors

Reality 1: Internships are optional for COM majors, but they are beneficial

Internships give you practical, real-life experience in the workplace. Even though you are not required to complete an internship as a Communication major, it can be very helpful to do so.

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Still Looking for an Internship?

Once you’ve been approved for internship eligibility it can be stressful trying to find and secure an internship. One good thing about securing an internship is that you don’t need to secure one until the first day of the semester you’re interning. This means, if you don’t yet have an internship, you have all of winter break to find one. Continue reading

What To Do Once You Have Been Approved for Internship Eligibility

Once you’ve been certified eligible to intern you may find an internship (in order to graduate you must intern at least one semester). When you do this there are a few steps you have to take. First, when you are approved you will be sent a congrats email/text, make sure you not only read the email but also to save it, you will need to reference it later The congrats email has all the steps and resources you need to find and secure an internship.  Here are a few resources for where to go from here. Continue reading

Introducing the MA in Strategic Communication: Seniors Can Take Graduate Courses!

The Department of Communication is excited to announce the launch of our new MA in Strategic Communication, beginning Spring 2024. This program caters to both traditional students and working professionals. We offer courses in two formats: asynchronous and hybrid.

  • Asynchronous classes are entirely online with no in-person meetings.
  • Hybrid courses primarily follow the asynchronous format but include three in-person sessions throughout the semester for discussions and collaborative projects.

For the upcoming spring semester, we are introducing three courses:

  • CMM501: Applied Communication Research Methods (asynchronous)
  • CMM705: Collaboration, Leadership, and Facilitation (hybrid)
  • CMM709:  Narrative, Identity and Community (hybrid)

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Juniors and Sophomores, Get Ahead!

Juniors and Sophomores! Even though you have some time, you should start to think about when you want to complete your required internship. You could always start the process today by making sure you’re eligible for an internship. Applying for internship eligibility is required at least one semester before you start looking for an internship placement. However, once you are certified eligible, you remain eligible until graduation as long as your GPA doesn’t drop below a 2.5. Remember, there are no retroactive credits given for an internship, this means you must complete an internship for credit after you have been approved. It’s worth it to get approved sooner than later, just to ensure you have time in case something goes wrong.  Continue reading