Learn Where to Find Internship Opportunities — Watch This Video!

Having trouble finding an internship? Don’t stress, here are a few places to get started on your internship search. Remember, you don’t need to secure an internship until the FIRST day of the semester that you are interning!

Where to find Internships:

  • The best place to look for an internship, as a SUNY New Paltz student, is The BIG LIST of past Student Internships for DMJ and CMM: tinyurl.com/npbiglist
    • ‘The Big List’ is an organized spreadsheet of past internships completed by SUNY New Paltz DMJ/CMM students!
    • This is a great resource because not only does it give you a wide variety on internships to choose from, it also gives you a point of contact/reference from a New Paltz student. 
  • Our internship Instagram! @npcommedia
    • Posts are made regularly highlighting all sorts of internship opportunities!
  • The blog you’re on RIGHT NOW!!!
    • The posts made on our Instagram will be linked to our blog that has more details on the description of the internship, how and when to apply by, and more!
  • LinkedIn and Facebook Alumni groups
    • These pages provide great resources for current students and alumni to interact and list opportunities for internships (and sometimes even jobs!) with a point of contact/reference.
  • Handshake – you can find this on my.newpaltz.edu under the “Employment Resources” tab (anywhere that says “Hawkhire” is now Handshake)
  • Media Bistro

For more information, check out this video!