NYS Music Seeking Interns in Music History Research and Journalism

NYS Music is seeking interns in music history research and news and features for the Spring and Summer semesters of 2024!

Music History Research Assistant:
As a music history research intern, you will research New York artists, write articles profiling various music related topics from New York State history, and have long form articles on music events from across New York State published. This is an opportunity for anyone with a deep passion for music and an interest in the history of New York and the music from all corners of the state. Research skills preferred, strong writing with attention to details and mechanics of English required.
Interns will research music venues in New York State, and work alongside editors to uncover primary and secondary sources that will help to bridge the gap of music history in New York State from the 19th century to present day. Interviews, discussions, analyze data, document findings, work within the NYS Music organization structure, and produce quality, well-written and edited articles. This is a fully remote position.
News and Features Intern:
NYS Music aims to provide an opportunity for English, Journalism and Communications students to gain experience working with a music website focusing on local and regional news, as well as music history and up and coming artists of all genres, from across New York State. They are looking for eager, driven students to join the NYS Music team, writing news and features on content on music news and events, assigned by an editor, as well as sought out by writers. Attention to detail and strong communication skills required.
This is an opportunity for students in Journalism and Communication programs that allows you a chance to have your work published on a regular basis to an ever-widening audience in the Northeast. Interns are expected to meet a minimum number of articles/hours per week, to complete work on deadline, and work efficiently with our existing staff in an online environment.
Students are able to earn college credit through this internship, just check in with your college registrar to get any needed paperwork together. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. NYS Music is committed to high quality contributors and content and seeks to work with undergraduate students to gain real experience and build a writing portfolio.
This is a remote job, one that can be done from your home location or from campus, for college credit. Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to pete@nysmusic.com for consideration.