Eligible But Haven’t Found an Internship? Don’t Worry! Internship Registration is Separate from Class Registration

Once you have been approved for internship eligibility you have until the first day of the semester that you are interning to find an internship. There is no need to rush and find an internship by class registration.

If you are worried about not being considered a full-time student, you can add a class into your schedule and then drop it once you have secured an internship. Our department grants students permission to register for internship credits once you have found a placement and that placement has been approved… If this is your first internship, you will register for internship credits and the Internship Seminar, both of which are restricted to Permission of Instructor and listed on the schedule as “FULL” because our department protects the seats so students go through the required approval process. To register for an internship, follow the steps in the “Congrats Email” that has been, or will be, sent to you once you’ve been approved for internship eligibility.

Here are other guidelines:

  • You may NOT register until you have actually secured an internship that has been approved by the Internship Coordinator.
  • The deadline to find, get approval, and register for internship credits is the FIRST DAY OF CLASSES. NO LATE REGISTRATIONS ALLOWED.
  • You must be aware of the number of credits and hours required to earn the credits. The Seminar (DMJ or CMM491) is a 1-credit course. Legislative Gazette interns must take the Seminar. 
  • If your internship falls through, you will need to find an alternate placement. Contact the Internship Coordinator immediately if this happens. (If you remain registered for the internship credits but don’t complete it, you will earn an “F” for the credits, which will affect your GPA.)

Have any questions that are not answered in the “Congrats Email” or in the Internship Eligibility folder? Then see Nancy Heiz, Internship Coordinator.