Introducing the MA in Strategic Communication: Seniors Can Take Graduate Courses!

The Department of Communication is excited to announce the launch of our new MA in Strategic Communication, beginning Spring 2024. This program caters to both traditional students and working professionals. We offer courses in two formats: asynchronous and hybrid.

  • Asynchronous classes are entirely online with no in-person meetings.
  • Hybrid courses primarily follow the asynchronous format but include three in-person sessions throughout the semester for discussions and collaborative projects.

For the upcoming spring semester, we are introducing three courses:

  • CMM501: Applied Communication Research Methods (asynchronous)
  • CMM705: Collaboration, Leadership, and Facilitation (hybrid)
  • CMM709:  Narrative, Identity and Community (hybrid)

Attention seniors: If you maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above, you have the opportunity to replace some of your major electives with these graduate courses. Please consult your advisor for more details. Additionally, undergraduates will be charged at the undergraduate tuition rate for these courses. Even if you choose not to pursue the MA in Strategic Communication, these graduate credits might be transferable to other graduate programs (subject to the receiving institution and specific program).

For any inquiries regarding the MA in Strategic Communication, please contact our graduate coordinator, Dr. Jason S. Wrench, at