Fall ‘23 Schedule of Classes is Live: Create Your Schedule Now!

The Fall 2023 schedule of classes is now live on newpaltz.edu under the academics tab. Make sure to create your schedule for next semester and meet with your major advisor prior to your time assignment to boost your chances of securing your preferred classes. Always research lots of classes and have several back-up schedules in case you don’t get your first or second choices. 

When creating your schedule use your major’s eight-semester plan and progress report to ensure you’re taking the classes you need when you need them. Some classes require pre-requisites so if you’re early in the major make sure you’re taking them in time. Your eight-semester plan can be found on newpaltz.edu under the Academics tab in the majors and minors section. Your progress report can be found on my.newpaltz.edu under the Academic Tab. Your eight-semester plan will tell you all the classes you need to take within a four-year period. Your progress report will list all the classes you’ve completed or that are in progress plus the types of classes that can fulfill certain GE, graduation, and major/minor requirements. Using these tools together will help narrow down the classes you should be taking so it’s not so overwhelming. 

If you’re having any trouble creating a schedule, don’t fret! Before you can submit your schedule you must complete an advising session with your advisor. This is your chance to propose any questions or concerns you have about your schedule. Your advisor is here to help you succeed, so make sure to put any questions together that you may have for those sessions!

Good luck and have fun with these schedules. It’s important to not only fulfill requirements but to take classes that can be enriching or help you expand on your learnings!