Seniors- Apply for Internship Eligibility ASAP!

For any students planning on graduating in the Summer or Fall of 2024, make sure you apply for internship eligibility by Friday, Mar. 8. All DMJ majors and journalism minors are required to complete an internship in order to graduate, so if you do not apply on time you will most likely not be approved to intern in the summer/fall which puts you at risk of not graduating on time. If you haven’t already, you must apply for internship eligibility this semester. The deadline is Friday, Mar. 8 

So, what does that mean? Applying for internship eligibility means you have to be approved before you can earn internship credits or even start looking for an internship placement. Our department has to make sure you are ready to represent our department, internship program and SUNY New Paltz out in the work world. Once your internship eligibility application has been approved and you are eligible to earn internship credits, then you can start looking for an internship. To apply for internship eligibility, click here to be taken to our Internship Information packet, which provides you with information and guidelines to applying for eligibility. Once you’ve read and understood everything in there you can start the application (linked in the info packet). In this application you will; answer some simple questions about your understanding of the process and preferences you may have for your internship. At the end you will be asked to submit a resume and progress report. Read the linked articles to ensure you have properly formatted your resume and progress report. The last question on the application will ask if you want to receive SMS texts about your status of eligibility. We highly encourage you to add your number so you can be the most up to date on your status and new information.

Once you are approved, you will receive an email (and/or SMS text)with your next steps, which include searching for an internship placement. Remember, the deadline to complete this process is Friday, Mar. 8 if you are planning on interning in the Summer or Fall 2024. Seniors looking to graduate in Spring 2024 who haven’t completed an internship yet must make the Mar. 8 deadline or risk not graduating on time.