Mercedes Rooney

ROLE  As a language instructor, I am constantly looking for and implementing “fun” activities and projects to increase student participation and engagement in the physical …more

Rebecca Longtin

ROLE  I am excited to serve as a mentor and help faculty develop materials for their classes, navigate the many guidelines and resources, and strategize …more

Rachmadian Wulandana

ROLE  Doni will be helping you on questions regarding the general setup of Blackboard, in particular the setup for Assignments and Tests and videos using …more

Caroline Hopenwasser

ROLE I am currently an associate professor in the School of Education. I am the coordinator for the Literacy Specialist Graduate Program. This is my …more

Helena Costakis

ROLE I value engaging with other people in a thoughtful and considerate way. I take the approach of listening first so that I can fully …more

Andrew Higgins

ROLE As a mentor, I am especially interested in the pedagogical implications of online education. For me, teaching online has been an opportunity to rethink …more

Rachel Rigolino

ROLE Because I truly enjoy “shop talk” about ed-tech with colleagues, I bring a willingness to learn and a certain level of flexibility in terms …more

Joshua Korenblat

ROLE I can help faculty improve how they communicate their research visually and verbally. Through accessible sketching techniques, on the computer and by hand, I …more

Blair Proctor

ROLE As a member to the team, I can see myself helping others through listening and asking questions. I am an asset in providing my …more

Richard McElrath

ROLE As co-organizer of the OIT Mentor Program, I facilitate meetings and workshops on Trends in Education, Technology, and Design to meet the current needs …more