**New** Lumen Circle: Evidence-Based Teaching with Generative AI: Starts May 29 / Register Now


New! Evidence-based Teaching with Generative AI

We are thrilled to invite you to participate in our new Lumen Circle, Evidence-based Teaching with Generative AI. In this circle, you’ll discover how to use evidence-based teaching practices to unlock the power of AI, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

Throughout the fellowship, you can expect to:

  • Master the fundamentals of EBTPs and implement practices to improve students’ sense of belonging.
  • Explore the potential of AI tools to personalize learning, increase engagement, and provide valuable feedback to students.
  • Learn how to integrate generative AI into your curriculum to create highly effective learning experiences.

Evidence-based Teaching with Generative AI begins on May 29, 2024.

Additionally, the Course Design for Student Success Circle starts on April 1st.