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Dear Student:

You are receiving this email because you are the recipient of a New York State grant or scholarship including TAP, SUNY Tuition Credit, STEM Scholarships, Scholarships for Academic Excellence, NY AIMS Scholarships, World Trade Center Scholarships, Veterans Tuition Awards, and NYS Regents Awards for Children of Deceased and Disabled Veterans. To remain eligible for your Spring 2019 semester awards, there are some important requirements to keep in mind when selecting your courses, so please read carefully.

You are required to register for 12 credits each semester towards your Program of Study, which includes credits for:

* The primary declared major
* The upper division credit requirement
* The liberal arts credit requirement
* The writing intensive requirement
* The general education requirement
* A minor or concentration only when required by the major
* Free electives when needed to get to the 120 credit requirement for graduation

Please make sure that the major courses you choose are appropriate for your primary declared major. Unneeded elective courses are not considered as part of the 12 credits required to be full time as far as these scholarships are concerned, and can put your grant and/or scholarship in jeopardy. Please refer to your Progress Report or academic adviser to identify areas where you still have requirements to satisfy.

Credits for a minor and/or second major cannot be included in the 12 credits unless they also satisfy another of the requirements listed above. Credits above the first 12 can go towards a minor or second major, but please be sure to keep the initial 12 credit registration intact.

The 12 credit requirement is also applicable to students who are studying abroad, so careful planning with your academic adviser is a must. These credits will be evaluated upon receipt of your transcripts from the host university, so be sure to meet with your adviser to have the credits slotted into your progress report where they are applicable.

An exception to the 12 credits toward Program of Study requirement is made for students who are due to graduate that same semester. Students in this position only need to have one course applicable to the Program of Study (and required for graduation). The remaining credits can be anything they like. An application for graduation must be on file.

Repeat courses are eligible for inclusion in the 12 credit requirement if you receive a grade that is not acceptable for your major and therefore would not be counted. For example, if the minimum grade for course work in your major is a C and you earned a D, the repeat is allowable because you did not earn the minimum grade on your first attempt. It would not be allowable to count in the 12 credits towards your Program of Study if you earned a C+ and would like to retake it to improve the grade. In this case the repeated course would need to be in addition to the initial 12 credits to the Program of Study.

Students receiving NYS scholarships and/or grants must declare a major by the time they reach 60 credits. Courses a student registers for must be in line with this major.

Thank you for your attention. More information about TAP can be found at and at


The Office of Student Accounts