Reappointment, Tenure & Promotion & Discretionary Salary Increase (DSI)

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  1. Chain of review: Departmental subcommittee DPC (if any); Chair; Dean; Central RTP committee; Provost
  2. Allowances for Lecturers (no service obligation), Instructors, and importance of including (Memorandum of Understanding) M.O.U.
  3. Narrative (6 pp double spaced) as an opportunity to represent what you have contributed/accomplished in the order of 5 categories of the Board of Trustees (Mastery of Subject Matter, Teaching, Scholarly/Creative Ability, Service, Continuing Growth) so committees can follow a standard. Write with an audience in mind that is NOT familiar with your discipline/work.
  4. Teaching – include summary (numerical) report (not pie charts).  If you include some student comments, you must include all.  If teaching problems are indicated, be sure to address them in your narrative to demonstrate self-reflection & growth.
  5. SUNY New Paltz version of the CV (important to follow this structure)  SUNY NP version of the CV
  6. 5 criteria of the board of Trustees – Consult with Chair/mentor to sort information into these categories…. Your narrative and your dossier should be structured in this order (see below).
§2. Criteria. Recommendations of academic employees, or their appropriate committees, or other appropriate sources may consider, but shall not be limited to, consideration of, the following:
(a) Mastery of subject matter — as demonstrated by such things as advanced degrees, licenses, honors, awards, and reputation in the subject matter field.
(b) Effectiveness in teaching — as demonstrated by such things as judgment of colleagues, development of teaching materials, or new courses and student reaction, as determined from surveys, interviews, and classroom observation.
(c) Scholarly ability — as demonstrated by such things as success in developing and carrying out significant research work in the subject matter field, contribution to the arts, publications, and reputation among colleagues.
(d) Effectiveness of University service — as demonstrated by such things as college and university public service, committee work, administrative work, and work with students or community in addition to formal teacher-student relationships.
(e) Continuing growth — as demonstrated by such things as reading, research, or other activities to keep abreast of current developments in the academic employee’s fields and being able to handle successfully increased responsibility.

For Lecturer dossier prep, please see guidelines below.

Letter from Division Chair
Most recent reappointment letter
SEI (teaching evaluations)
CV in the correct SUNY New Paltz Format
Narrative focused on teaching
Annual report(s)
A peer evaluation of your teaching is ideal but not required

Guidelines for Lecturer narrative:

·         If there are some sections that do not apply to you within the People Admin case dossier, and you are required to upload documentation, you can simply upload a document that states ‘does not apply’  . . . there are some lecturers, while not required to have certain items included, that do indeed include them.  The overall consensus within administration, and due to this fact, was to leave these options within the lecturer template. (Margaret Kemp, Assistant to Provost Barbara Lyman)

This is also noted within the guidelines:

‘It is expected that some of the Board of Trustees’ criteria will be relevant to all lecturers while other criteria will be relevant only to some’.

·         If there is a section (i.e. ‘G”) where you have uploaded all the required materials, and the subsection calls for the same materials, you may leave it blank.

Timeline for faculty review is here in the Faculty Handbook
If you have done anything beyond your baseline professional requirements, complete the application. This might include a publication, and exhibition, a teaching innovation, extra service, etc. These small bumps to your salary make a difference over time.