Reappointment, Tenure & Promotion / DSI

Your SUNY New Paltz CV should look like this – follow the format carefully.
Basics for Lecturer review (be sure to visit Academic Affairs website for full details):
Letter from Division Chair
SEI (teaching evaluations)
CV in the correct SUNY New Paltz Format
Narrative focused on teaching
Annual report(s)
A peer evaluation of your teaching is ideal but not required
For Tenure-line review:
basics from above plus
5 Criteria of the Board of Trustees to address in your narrative (6 pages double or 1.5 spaced) for tenure or reappointment to full professor:
  • Mastery of Subject Matter
  • Teaching
  • Scholarship/Creative Activity
  • Service
  • Continuing Growth
Timeline for faculty review is here in the Faculty Handbook