Tools for Neurodivergent Learners: AI & Other Resources

Resources—some of which are AI-powered:

Top Ten Tips for Making Documents Easy to Read

Easy Read information is an accessible information format designed for people with a learning disability and autistic people. The words are made easier to read, the text is big, and pictures are used next to the words. Here’s our top ten tips for making documents Easier to Read.

Decorative image showing an easy read layout.

This is an example of how to lay out writing on a page—with images!


One Idea Per Line: A Guide to Make Easy Read Resources

This guide will teach you how to write in Easy Read. Easy Read is a style of writing that uses clear and easy-to-understand language. Each sentence in an Easy Read document is shown next to a picture icon to
illustrate the information in that sentence. This helps people who are visual learners to better understand the content.


What Makes Writing More Readable?


Please take a look at Joshua Korenblat’s resources: AI and Neurodiversity