Heather Lai





Along with supporting faculty with their BrightSpace implementation questions, I am interested in investigating different ways that BrightSpace can be leveraged to help instructors with a wide range of backgrounds use technology effectively to help their students thrive in their courses.  As a faculty mentor, I hope to help Instructional Support Services to develop best practices for the campus.


  • BS Mechanical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University
  • MS Mechanical Engineering from University of Illinois
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Wayne State University


  • Faculty Advisor for Women In Science and Engineering (WISE), Early Career Liaison ASME
  • Campus Curriculum Committee
  • Faculty Development Center Advisory Board
  • Faculty Mentor


I enjoy computer programming and exploring new ways to use computers for technical computing. As an engineer, I have experience using computers to organize and coordinate processes. As an instructor, I have experience helping students learn how to use computers to solve problems. Being a faculty mentor during our transition to BrightSpace is a great opportunity to merge these skill sets and help out other faculty members as they develop their courses.


Dynamics / Dynamics Lab, System Dynamics, Computer Simulation, Finite Element Analysis, Kinematics, Control Theory


When I am not working on school stuff, or taking care of my family, I try to get outside as much as possible. This can include taking Streamwatch measurements at the Mohonk Smiley Research Center, hiking with my dog, Sage, playing ultimate with kids from the youth center or running errands on my bike.