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Recent Digital Scholarship Projects

Screenshot from the homepage of the digital map. The image shows a snippet of the map with points plotted, the title and description of the project, and an image of "old" documents and books. Mapping Primary Sources
Approximately 50 students from three sections of HIS300 Historian’s Craft mapped individual primary sources on this map. Students explored metadata, GIS technology, evaluating primary sources, and relating primary sources to tell a story. The primary sources span three time periods and geographic locations.
1. The Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania, USA. Circa 1879-1918.
2. President Nixon’s trip to China, 1972.
3. The Stono Slave Revolt, South Carolina, USA, 1739.

HIS300 “Historian’s Craft” This project was collaboratively developed by Lee Bernstein, Meg Devlin, Kristine Harris, and Jennifer Rutner.


Paltz Cast logo, with a hawk speaking into a microphone

Paltz Cast
PaltzCast is a student-run podcast from the campus of SUNY New Paltz, in New Paltz, NY. Subscribe for new episodes featuring a variety of topics every semester!

DMJ333 “Podcasting” with Professor Brett Barry



Newspaper article: “San Francisco May Lift Mask Law On Friday: Mayor Makes Announcement After Demonstration by Body Fighting Ordinance"

Comparative History: Spanish Influenza and Covid-19 in America by Sean Loughran
The idea for a comparative history came from observations of the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic and then an examination into the Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919 to see what similarities could be found. The results of this research culminated in the three exhibits available on this site. The primary goal of this comparative history is to leave any visitors with an enhanced awareness of how history tends to rhyme and the lessons that can be learned from examining similar trends and happenings from the events of two pandemics within the United States.

HIS494 “Fieldwork in History” with Adrianna Martinez and Chrissy O’Grady, Senior Assistant Librarians


Wedding photo of Caesar and Theresa Christiana

Family Lineage and it’s Social History Connections: an Early 20th Century Italian American Case Study by Evan Montena
Ancestry has its roots within all of us. It is through the experiences our past ancestors have had that we can form connections with so many throughout history and a sense of community between each other. In this case study you will be able to see what life was like within early twentieth century America through the experiences of one Italian immigrant family who lived in Ravena, New York.

HIS494 “Fieldwork in History” with Adrianna Martinez and Chrissy O’Grady, Senior Assistant Librarians


Screen shot from the digital project showing a timeline of significant events from 2020, including the first reported case of Covid in NYS, and a photo of former Gov. Cuomo. 2020 Student Perspective: SUNY New Paltz by Ryan Mertz
I intend on conducting interviews with members of the New Paltz community to get their perspective on all of the ways that COVID-19 has affected their lives and changed their plans for the future. The focus of the interview questions will revolve around four topics: the COVID-19 pandemic, racial inequality, wildfires in California, and the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

HIS494 “Fieldwork in History” with Adrianna Martinez and Chrissy O’Grady, Senior Assistant Librarians


Screen shot of an app interface

My Hudson History by Sophia Acquisto
My Hudson History works as an extension of Google Maps to reimagine the way rich local history is taught.

AYURE undergraduate research project with Chrissy O’Grady and Jennifer Rutner, Senior Assistant Librarians