Phillies Bridge Farm Project

Natural area for study, research, and exploration.

Phillies Bridge Farm Project partners with our local university as a working farm and 65-acre diverse natural area for study, research, and exploration. Located in the Village of New Paltz, the State University of New York at New Paltz is just five miles north of the farm. Professors and students come to Phillies Bridge Farm from the university’s Schools of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Education, Business, and Fine & Performing Arts for course-related experience, study, and research in all disciplines.

Examples of previous topics addressed include:

The tenets of sustainable agriculture and organically-grown food; environmental sociology; people and environmental relations; ecology; crop planning and business plans for successful sustainable farming; geography of soils, literature and nature, creative writing. In related projects, painters also come to this farm for study and experience in Plein-Air painting and photography.

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Phillies Bridge Farm Project
Jasmine Wood