Students in Need: Food, Clothes, Financial Support


Food pantry requests are entirely online. Follow this link for information and request form:

 The Food Pantry website, via CAS (Campus Auxiliary Services)
Free Fresh Food Flyer10282020: Every Sunday 1 – 3 p.m. in New Paltz (click link for details)
Hungry to Learn – watch film trailer here.

Director: Rev. Dianna Smith  (

I have heard recently that some wonder why we need an on-campus food pantry. Today (Oct 23, 2019) between the hours of 1-4 over 60 students visited the food pantry.

Over and over again students shared comments such as ” I  have been so hungry  thank you for this” and ‘ thank you for this it helps me so much,”  and ” I  really depend on this.”
If you have not visited us, come see for yourself the work we do. The food pantry is located in SUB 322 .  I am there Wed afternoons.

CLOTHES:  Students may go toTwice Blessed 

92 Huguenot Street, New Paltz, near Reformed Church, 3 blocks from SUNY NP campus

Hours: Wednesday and Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

DONATIONS – check Facebook Twice Blessed Boutique to be sure they are accepting.

Vouchers provided for students & employees in need. Email for info and vouchers.

SHELTER – There is no shelter in New Paltz. Students may be referred to services in Kingston via Ulstercorps

Financial Support

Student Crisis Fund

When students encounter unpredictable financial hardship, such as an accident, illness, natural disaster or other unforeseen events, their success as a student is threatened. The new Student Crisis Fund was developed to better respond to our students’ needs in these situations and provide one-time grants. Average awards range from $100-$300, with a maximum of $500 for extreme situations. In the event of a qualifying emergency, funds can be used toward essential academic needs (books and supplies), replacement of lost or damaged items, basic needs such as utilities or childcare, short-term housing or transportation.

Unlike other emergency funds, the Student Crisis Fund does not assist with tuition or fees, on-campus room and board charges or food. Join us in supporting any–or all–of our existing emergency programs and help us assist our students when they need it the most.


See additional funding opportunities on the Student Affairs site.