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Center for Student Success – Tutoring, Study Skills Support, Peer Mentorship

Here are a few testimonials about the CSS:

  • “Making an appointment online was really easy and convenient. Through tutoring, I found how to progress in my writing and got good scores in the class.”
  • “YOU GUYS ROCK! I really thought I was hopeless but I went to 3 appointments back to back and it really changed my whole perspective and I felt less alone and more motivated.”
  • “My peer advisor listened to me and the issues I was facing that interfered with my learning and studying. She was very helpful in providing her personal experiences and how it helped her as a student in addition to providing information and strategies I can try and incorporate into to my daily life as a student.”

Student Rey speaks about student support through CSS:

CSS outcomes page:

Some highlights from the outcomes page:

  • 95% said they were likely to recommend the CSS to a peer
  • 95% agree that the sessions were helpful and/or improved their academics
  • 92% felt more confident in their ability to be successful in their academics at New Paltz

Here is a recording of workshop with Jessica Delaney on Supporting Students Studying Online, March 1, 2021


Starfish puts students at the center of a college-wide communication network, where faculty, advisors and staff can work together to empower students to achieve their academic, career, and life goals.

Starfish makes it easy for instructors to identify students who could most benefit from personalized interventions by advisors and their support staff. Through student-centered communication and collaboration, the College community partners toward promoting student academic engagement, learning, overall well-being, and students’ educational success.

For additional information about Starfish, including features that are most relevant to instructors, click here.


Mark Rober on “Tricking Your Brain into Learning More”

What’s the right way to frame the learning process so you don’t concern yourself with failure?

Those who don’t see failure in a negative light saw more success and learned more.

Those penalized for failure (-5 points) ultimately 52% successful

Those not penalized for failure on an assignment/task ultimately  68% successful

Virtual Keynote Dr. Tyrone Howard: Why Equity Matters! 

A follow-up to Dr. Howard’s keynote at the 2019 NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising’s National Conference in Louisville, KY.

Dr. Tyrone C. Howard is a professor in the Graduate School of Education and
Information Studies at UCLA. Dr. Howard is also the inaugural director of the new UCLA Pritzker Center for Strengthening Children and Families, a campus wide consortium examining academic, mental health, and social emotional experiences and challenges for California’s most vulnerable youth populations. He is also the former Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. Professor Howard’s research examines culture, race, teaching and learning.