Eric Myers and his daughter, Amanda, demonstrate the reason for the sun's change in elevation over the seasons

Summer Solstice in Wooster Hall

Wooster Hall at SUNY New Paltz has a neat feature.   The main staircase is exactly aligned along a north-south line, and skylight windows in the ceiling were placed so that light from those windows lines up at the bottom of…

Van de Graaaaafffff!

My colleague and friend Glenn Geher from the New Paltz Psychology department was visiting our new building, and so I showed him around our teaching lab space.    He was especially excited about the Van de Graaff generator, so I…

Projectile Motion!

“Welcome to physics class.  Today’s topic is projectile motion.” —  Dr. Myers fires the 105mm Howitzer. 10 July 2015, West Point, New York

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