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I am currently the Instructional Support Technician (IST) for the Department of Physics and Astronomy at SUNY New Paltz.   That means I take care of all the labs and equipment for the introductory and advanced teaching labs, and I design and create physics and astronomy demonstrations, as well as new lab exercises.  I’m in the process of setting up a machine shop and associated “maker space” for our department and use by other faculty and students, and to go along with that I’ve created a training program for the machines.    I also teach one section of Physics 1 Laboratory (PHY211) on Monday evenings.

This site is a collection of articles about the things I’ve constructed, projects I’ve worked on, and various other things of interest.    See the list on the right for specific topics and posts.

  More about my teaching.              More about my research.

More information about me is available from my personal web page, and my curriculum vitae.

Read about my projects:



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