Manually Focusable Logitech C270

Manually Focusable Logitech C270

Instructions for modifying a Logitech C270 so that one can adjust the focus manually. The Logitech C270 is an inexpensive all-purpose webcam with a fixed focus which is set at the factory to be used for face-to-face video meetings with…

Compartment box in use

The Compartment Box Trick

Have you ever taken something apart and then put it back together and had parts left over? Me too. Sometimes it’s something I know isn’t needed, but it’s still better to get everything back in the right place.  A few…

Figure 3: Case screws

Repairing a Cenco 33031 Power Supply

by Laurence Rowe and Eric Myers We use the Cenco 33031 Low Voltage Power Supply (Figure 1) for several of our electricity and magnetism labs.   It can provide variable DC up to 6 Volts at up to  5 Amps, and…

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