What is it Like to be a Servicemember in the Modern World? Panel discussion, Monday April 26, 9:30 a.m.

The goal of this panel is public awareness. In a country with a population as large as ours, civilians are so often unaware of the realities of conflict and military life. More often than not, all civilians know about the military and military experiences comes from biased media representations. This panel seeks to remedy this, providing personal insights from eight servicemembers on the social hierarchies, inequalities (racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, age, economic, etc.), interpersonal relationships, and practical experiences associated with modern military culture.


Saleem A. Khan, Major (O-4) ’10 g (MBA) 

Alicia Scott, Major (O-4)  

Trenton Hanifin, Captain (O-3) ’11 (History) 

Stephanie Cleveland, Command Sergeant Major (E-9) 

Justin Freese-Bogart, Petty Officer First Class (E-6) 

Aaron Shaw, Sergeant (E-5) 

Nathan Briggs, Senior Airman (E-4) ’04 (Adolescence Ed) 

Dexter M. James, Corporal (E-4) 


Please join us via the following zoom link: https://binghamton.zoom.us/j/91368390248
Date: Monday, April 26
Time: 9:30 – 10:45 a.m.
Location: Zoom
Zoom Link:
Jessica D. Smeeks, M.A., R.P.A.