New Paltz CAS 2FA and Windows SSO don't play nice together in Firefox

New Paltz CAS 2FA and Windows SSO don’t play nice together in Firefox

CAS is the Central Authentication Service for our campus.  Whenever you log in to a service CAS is used to either check that you have already been properly authenticated or to have you authenticate, including two-factor authentication (2FA) using Duo….

Manually Focusable Logitech C270

Manually Focusable Logitech C270

Instructions for modifying a Logitech C270 so that one can adjust the focus manually. The Logitech C270 is an inexpensive all-purpose webcam with a fixed focus which is set at the factory to be used for face-to-face video meetings with…

Astronauts and Experts Physics Labs

Hybrid Physics Labs with “Astronauts” and “Experts”

College physics labs were conducted with half the students physically in the room, each working with a remote lab partner. Since this is similar to how NASA astronauts perform experiments on the International Space Station (ISS), those roles came to be…

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