Career Readiness Champion Certificate Program 

Dates: January 9 – May 13, 2024

What you will learn:

  • Gain a Practical Understanding of the Career Development Process, Resources and Tools
  • Effectively Communicate with Students about Career Choices and Planning
  • How to Integrate Career Readiness Into Your Role and the Advising Process
  • How to Contribute to Creating a Career Culture on Your Campus

Who should take this course? All college and university faculty and staff who teach, advise, or work with students in any context in which their career plans are relevant including: Concierge and Success Coaches, Academic Advisors, Counselors/Mental Health Care Providers, EOP Personnel, Student Affairs Staff, Faculty, and Athletic Coaching Staff.

Three six-week online courses (via Brightspace)

The program is designed to help faculty and staff on college campuses learn the competencies (knowledge and skills) needed to create a campus culture that supports students in planning for a career.

Reach out to your Campus CPD Points contact (Kate Bohan to use campus points to pay for this program.

Career Readiness Champion Certificate Program