Welcome to the Digital Scholarship Center at the Sojourner Truth Library

Digital Scholarship Lab

What We Support

The DSC supports digital tools that enable the analysis and creation of information. This includes: data analysis and visualization, audio recording and editing, text analysis, GIS, basic coding, knowledge organization, and digital collections.

DSC Mission

The Digital Scholarship Center at SUNY New Paltz is an interdisciplinary, collaborative space where students, faculty, and staff answer new research questions using digital scholarship methods and digital tools.


  • Provide a computing space that is open to everyone on campus.
  • Support interdisciplinary and collaborative digital scholarship projects.
  • Provide training in digital scholarship tools and methods.
  • Provide pedagogical guidance for  faculty incorporating digital scholarship in their courses.
  • Engage a community of digital scholarship students, faculty, and researchers.

To find the website to the Digital Scholarship Center, click here: DSC @ STL