Associate Professor Maryalice Citera Co-authors 2nd Edition of Textbook

Associate Professor Dr. Citera co-authored the recently published book Training and Talent Development with Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.

From the publishers website:

Training and Talent Development explores two basic factors related to the T&D world: training and performance improvement. The book is informative, scholarly, and practical. It explains the best practices and strategies modern T&D professionals have developed for both creating and delivering training programs and performance improvement interventions. It highlights information related to the T&D field, its major organizations, key individuals who have attained distinction in their fields, and best practices used by T&D professionals today. The book features a combination of both practical information and scholarly research, which helps bring an understanding of the best practices involved in the delivery of training or performance improvement. Tools throughout the book are designed to be useful at all points in the training process, including worksheets and templates that can be modified for training purposes.

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