New Undergraduate Psychology Curriculum as of Fall 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

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There’s a new undergraduate psychology curriculum?

Yes! The entire undergraduate curriculum has been revamped. Course names and numbers have been updated, and a few new courses have been added to the catalog.

When does the new curriculum take effect?

The new class names and numbers will take effect in Summer 2021.

All new majors, minors, and concentration students declaring during Fall 2021 or later will be under the new requirements.

Students who declare in Spring 2021 (or in earlier semesters) will be under the old requirements, but will have the option to “redeclare” in Fall 2021 if they prefer to fulfill the new requirements instead.

Are you saying that the requirements for majors and minors are changing?

Yes. The requirements for the psychology major, psychobiology major concentration, industrial-organizational (I/O) major concentration, psychology minor, and industrial-organizational (I/O) psychology minor have been completely revised. See here for details.

Does that mean I have to complete the new requirements for my major, minor, or concentration?

No. If you are already a declared major, minor, or major concentration student, you can still complete the old requirements. However, you have the option to switch to the new requirements if you wish. Please talk to your advisor to decide whether switching to the new requirements or staying with the old ones is the best option for you.

Students who declare majors, minors, or major concentrations in psychology during or after the Fall 2021 semester will complete the new requirements.

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Can I count the new course names and numbers toward the old major, minors, and concentrations, and vice versa?

Yes. Both the old and new course names and numbers count towards the old majors and minors. Likewise, both the old and new course names and numbers count towards the new majors and minors.

See the New-to-Old Psychology Courses crosswalk document for equivalencies between the old and new curricula.

Do you have major and minor plans for the new curriculum that include crosswalks of old and new courses?

Yes. Here they are:

Some of the old courses have been revised so they now have prerequisites. Do I have to meet those prerequisites to take those courses?

Yes, as of Summer 2021 the course prerequisites added to some of our courses will apply to all students.

Some courses have changed from upper division (300/400) to lower division (100/200). How will I know whether I receive upper or lower division credit for them?

You will receive upper or lower division credit based on what the course number was at the time you took it. Thus, if you took Abnormal Psychology when the course number was PSY412, you will receive upper division credit for it. However, if you take in after the number changes to PSY231, you will receive lower division credit for it.

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Can I use the replace course grade option to repeat a course that has changed its number or name?

Yes, new versions of courses can be used to replace grades for old versions, under the university’s grade replacement policy. Use the “New-to-Old Psychology Courses Crosswalk” found in our major and minor plan documents to locate the old course equivalents of new courses.

Under the new curriculum, can non-psychology students register for psychology classes?

Yes, as was true under the old curriculum, non-psychology students can take:

  • PSY101 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY130 Psychology of Adjustment

There will also be some seats reserved for non-psychology students in the following classes.

  • PSY221 Social Psychology
  • PSY231 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY241 Lifespan Development
  • PSY351 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY361 History & Systems of Psychology

Besides these classes, certain psychology courses are open to specific majors and minors besides psychology, usually when those courses count towards those majors and minors. See course descriptions for specific major/minor restrictions. NOTE: Please make sure you are checking the new versions of courses rather than the old versions, as currently both course descriptions are listed online.

Where can I find details about the new curriculum and how it differs from the old curriculum?

All details about the new curriculum, including requirements and comparison to the old curriculum, can be found here.

What if I have questions about the new curriculum or about advising and registration for summer and fall?

For more information on the new curriculum, ask your psychology advisor, the department chair, or the undergraduate psychology advisors. Contact information is available in our department directory.

For information on advising and registration for summer and fall, see the Summer and Fall Advising & Registration Guide.

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