SONA Participation Requirement for PSY101 Introduction to Psychology

Beyond their coursework, all SUNY New Paltz students taking PSY101 Introduction to Psychology must complete 4 points worth of SONA participation activities. These activities count for 4% of your final grade in PSY101.

  • Students earning all 4 SONA points receive the full 4%.
  • Students earning 3 SONA points only receive 3%.
  • Students earning 2 SONA points only receive 2%.
  • Students earning 1 SONA point only receive 1%.
  • Students earning 0 SONA points receive 0%.

Signing Up for SONA Activities

Students sign up for SONA activities electronically after creating an account on the SONA Systems website. Once you create an account, you can use the SONA Systems website to track your progress on the SONA Participation Requirement, as well as on earning SONA points for classes offering SONA extra credit.

Receiving SONA Points After You Participate

  • Points for online research are usually awarded immediately upon completing the study.
  • Points for in-person research and lectures/job talks are usually awarded within 48 hours. If it takes longer than 48 hours, do not be alarmed. The delay might be due to a weekend, holiday, or unforeseen factors. If concerned about not receiving your points, email the psychology advising assistants, indicating the activity you completed and your name.
  • You may choose how to apply points after you receive them. You can allocate earned SONA points to either the SONA Participation Requirement or the class but not to both. Once points are allocated, the allocation cannot be changed. Therefore, you must be careful in selecting what you are allocating points to (a course or the SONA Participation Requirement). If you encounter difficult, contact the the undergraduate psychology advising assistants for assistance. If you want to apply SONA points for extra credit in a class, you must log into the SONA website and assign those points to that class by 5 PM on the Common Exam Day.
  • All points left unassigned after the Common Exam Day can be applied towards the SONA Participation Requirement OR toward a class offering extra credit for SONA points in a future semester.

What If I Must Cancel an SONA Appointment?

If you sign up for an in-person study, you can cancel it up to 24 hours before it starts. You have two options:

  1. The preferred method: Cancel by logging into your SONA website account and finding your appointment.
  2. If you cannot log in to cancel an appointment, call the researcher’s lab (not office) to let the researcher know that you need to cancel and reschedule your appointment. Contact information for labs is available in on the study pages of the SONA website. Please call at least 24 hours in advance.

Completing the SONA Participation Requirement

  • To see how many points you have earned toward the SONA Participation Requirement (or toward extra credit in a course), log into your SONA account and click “My schedule/credits.” (NOTE: Yes, the link says credits, but it goes to a page that tracks SONA points; you will also be able to see future activities you have signed up for.)
  • You must complete your SONA points for PSY101 by the common exam day.


For questions about the SONA Participation Requirement, please contact the psychology advising assistants.

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