Cover, Changing Brains

Professor Giordana Grossi Publishes Book, “Changing Brains”

Dr. Giordana Grossi, Professor of Psychology, has published a new book! Here are the details:

Changing Brains: Essays on Neuroplasticity In Honor of Helen J. Neville

Edited by Aaron J. NewmanGiordana Grossi


Cover, Changing BrainsFrom the back cover:

This book celebrates the pioneering work and contributions of Helen J. Neville, who conducted seminal neuroimaging work using electroencephalography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaginf (fMRI) to illustrate the role that experience plays in shaping the brain.

Bringing together her former students, collaborators, and colleagues, the book presents essays and original empirical research that pay tribute to Helen Neville’s groundbreaking work. The chapters discuss her contributions to our knowledge of neuroplasticity in perception, attention, and language, and how they inspired more recent developments in these and related areas, such as work on deafness (changes in sign language processing with age and the effects of cochlear implants on language development), the early stages of reading, memory consolidation during sleep, and the connection between attentional and memory systems. The book also discusses her strong commitment to rigorous science that could be translated into real-world practice through social interventions to improve neurodevelopmental outcomes. It additionally includes short poems by Marta Kutas interspersed between chapters that are inspired by Helen’s work and highlight her contributions, values, and ideas.

The book showcases Helen Neville’s legacy to the field of neuroscience and is a must-read for all students and researchers of neuroplasticity and developmental cognitive neuroscience.


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