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Recent Alumna Publishes Honors Thesis

Congratulations to recent undergraduate psychology alumna Annie Sung whose honors thesis on the evolutionary psychology of social estrangements was recently published in the peer-reviewed EvoS Journal. Using a sample of more than 400 young adults, this work found that individuals with borderline personality tendencies were fully (and significantly) estranged from more individuals in life compared with others. Annie will start in the Masters of Social Work at Stony Brook University in Fall of 2021. The honors thesis committee for this work included psychology faculty members Glenn Geher and Matthew Wice, both named co-authors on the paper.

Full APA reference:

Sung, A., Geher, G., & Wice, M. (2021). Predictors of social estrangements. The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium, 9(1), 14-24.

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front page of journal article

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