Spring 2021 Student Awards

The students below have all received Student of Excellence Awards.

Those with an asterisk (*) next to their names have also received an Outstanding Student Award.

Undergraduate Psychology

Spring 2021

Amber Aguilera

Paige Blayne

Jasmine Carmelitano

Lindita Cela

Rebecca Costanza

Gianna Damato

*Nicole Elyukin

Sarah Fisher

*Brianna Fitapelli

Emily Fox

Nicole Gluckman

*Anthony Gonzalez

Kamil Hankour

Christian Jordan

Emily Llewellyn

Talia Munoz

Taylor O’Connor

Katherine Ogando Aquino

Lisette Palomo

Sophia Poznahovska

Dalia Thaler

Michael Viscovich

Madeline Zambri

Summer 2021

Rachel Barbato

Mental Health Counseling

Spring 2021

Taylor Heilman

Brooke Hines

*Deirdre Malinske

Emily Passik

Summer 2021

Andrew O’Meara

School Counseling

Spring 2021

Heather Karsenty

*Ashlee Power

Summer 2021

Abigail Smith

MS Psychology

Spring 2021

Melissa Greiser

*Jennifer Link

Alexander Mackiel

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