SP23 SUNY Course: Learning Theories and Effective Teaching Practices: Starts Feb. 14th


Date:  February 14th – March 27th

Online Course  (via Brightspace )

This course explores established and innovative theories on learning, such as those classified as constructivist, cognitive, and connectivist, as a foundation for designing and implementing effective teaching practices. Participants in this course will engage in theoretical study as well as practical application.

What you will learn: 

  • Understand how to apply taxonomies of learning, such as Blooms, to learning materials and environments
  • Understand how learning theories help to incorporate critical and creative thinking
  • Explore current theory around teaching and learning to understand the need for continuous educational research in our field

Who should take this course?  Faculty new to teaching in Higher Education, Graduate assistants, adjuncts, instructional designers, librarians Stack this course and earn a Certificate in Teaching and Learning for New Faculty Program (https://suny.edu/tlnfcert)

To register for the entire 3 course Certificate and receive discounted pricing!  Email Jennifer Snyder at Jennifer.Snyder@suny.edu with the subject line of “TL Courses”   

Individual Course Pricing:

  • CPD Member (SUNY New Paltz is a CPD Member): $275 per course
  • SUNY Non-CPD Member:   $325 per course
  • Non-SUNY:   $375 per course

*The cost of each individual course covers all modules and course materials in that course, unless otherwise specified. 

Discounted Course Pricing (when registering for all three courses at one time):

  • CPD Member (SUNY New Paltz is a CPD Member): $705
  • SUNY Non-CPD Member:   $855
  • Non-SUNY:   $1005