Professor Glenn Geher Co-Edits New Book, “Darwin’s Roadmap to the Curriculum”

Professor Glenn Geher recently co-edited the newly released book Darwin’s Roadmap to the Curriculum: Evolutionary Studies in Higher Education published by Oxford University Press. Professor Geher co-edited this book with David Sloan Wilson (Binghamton University), Hadassah Mativesky (Universal Instruments), and Andrew Gallup (SUNY Polytechnic Institute). This book was largely inspired by the EvoS programs at New Paltz and Binghamton. The book’s primary goal is to highlight the many ways that an evolutionary approach can illuminate content across academic disciplines. Contributors represent a broad array of experts in the field of evolutionary studies. Several contributors have connections with SUNY New Paltz. They include:

  • Kian Betancourt, Psychology BA, 2015
  • Glenn Geher, Professor of Psychology and Founding Director of EvoS
  • Richard H. Holler, Psychology MA, 2017
  • Thomas Nolen, Associate Dean of Science and Engineering, Academic Director of EvoS
  • Vania Rolón, Psychology MA, 2017
  • Hamilton M. Stapell, Associate Professor of History
  • Aileen Toback, Alumni of New Paltz Summer Institute in Evolutionary Studies (2015)
  • Jennifer Waldo, Chair of Biology
  • Nicole Wedberg, Psychology MA, 2016

Dr. Glenn Geher

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