Evolutionary Psychology Lab’s Article Featured in “Newsweek”

The SUNY New Paltz Evolutionary Psychology Lab, directed by Psychology faculty member Glenn Geher, published an article featured on the website for Newsweek.

This research, inspired by a talk given on campus by NYU biological anthropologist Todd Disotell in the EvoS Seminar Series, examines the personality correlates associated with having relatively high Neanderthal DNA in one’s genome. Several SUNY New Paltz alumni co-authored an article on this research which recently appeared in Human Ethology Bulletin. These alumni include:

  • David Chapleau, MA, 2015
  • Jessica Fell, MA, 2014
  • Bernadine Gangemi, BA, 2014
  • Morgan Gleason, MA, 2014
  • Rich Holler, MA, 2017
  • Vania Rolon, MA, 2017
  • Andrew Shimkus, MA, 2015
  • Briana Tauber, BA, 2012 and MA, 2014

For more information, check out Dr. Geher’s website.

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