Psychology Faculty, Students, and Alumni Participate at Heterodox Psychology Workshop in Orange, California

Several members of the SUNY New Paltz Psychology Community participated in a special conference titled the Heterodox Psychology Workshop held on the campus at Chapman University in Orange, CA. This conference was dedicated to the idea of how to best integrate multiple perspectives and viewpoints into work in the behavioral sciences. Glenn Geher, Professor of Psychology, gave two invited presentations, titled There are No Behavioral Sex Differences in Humans Because I Want It That Way!and The E Word: Teaching Evolutionary Psychology within the Landscape of Academia. Julie Planke, a current graduate student in psychology, presented a talk titled Politics and Academic Values in Higher Education: Just How Much Does Political Orientation Drive the Values of the Ivory Tower? The research that she presented was done in collaboration with Glenn Geher along with several SUNY New Paltz psychology students and alumni, including Olivia Jewell (MA, 2018), Richard Holler (MA, 2017), Kian Betancourt (current graduate student), Amanda Baroni (MA, 2018), Jacqueline DiSanto (current graduate student), Morgan Gleason (MA, 2015), and Jacqueline Eisenberg (BA, 2017). Vania Rolon (MA, 2017) presented a talk at the conference titled A Cross-Cultural Examination of the Relationship among Sexual Orientation, Sociosexuality, and Dark Triad Traits in Women (and Men). Vania is currently in a PhD program in Cultural and Evolutionary Psychology at Brunel University in London. Laura Johnsen (BA, 2012), who is now in a PhD program at Binghamton, also participated in this workshop.

Heterodox Psychology Workshop in Orange, California

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