Professor Winograd Publishes EOP Article


Greta Winograd

Greta Winograd

Dr. Greta Winograd, Associate Professor of Psychology, is first author on a new article, “Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at a Selective Public University: Initial Findings from a Longitudinal Evaluation Study.” The article was published in The Learning Assistance Review (TLAR). A copy of the abstract is presented below.

In this study, we examined academic outcomes among students from low-income and academically disadvantaged backgrounds who participated in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at a selective four-year public comprehensive college in the Northeast. We found that provisionally admitted EOP students earned comparable first-semester grades and had similar first-year retention and continuous enrollment rates to students with far higher admission scores. Disadvantage-associated disparities, however, persisted in two domains: the proportion of credits earned in the first semester and transfer rates to associate- vs. bachelor-degree granting institutions at three-year follow-up. We conclude our paper with policy recommendations for further enhancing academic momentum among EOP students towards timely bachelor-degree attainment.

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