Hudson Valley Humanists 8th Annual Darwin Day Symposium with the New Paltz Evolutionary Psychology Lab

On February 18th, the NP Evolutionary Psychology lab and local Hudson Valley Humanists hosted the 8th annual Darwin Day Symposium, where students and community members celebrated Darwin’s birthday. For the past 8 years, students from the NP Evolutionary Psychology Lab have come together to present studies inspired by Darwin’s work. This year, the theme was pitched broadly, addressing Darwinian ideas applied to a far-reaching set of behavioral topics.

Professor and NP Evolutionary Psychology lab director Dr. Glenn Geher presented “A Darwinian Take on the Modern Diet: The Bad and the Ugly.” Sergio Lopez, graduate student in the MS program, gave a talk on “Antiquated Instruments for a Contemporary World.” Several undergraduate students spoke as well. Julia Lombard discussed ideas related to Darwin’s 1872 book, The Expression Of Emotions In Man And Animals, Aman Shetty talked about the evolution of long-distance running, and Emma Jerabek provided a provocative evolutionary take on child abuse.

The event ended with goody bags from the Humanists, including hand-drawn sketches of Darwin created by world renowned artist, Don Madden.

Special thanks to Symposium Chair and undergraduate student Rachel Demanya and Hudson Valley Humanists Carol Auer and Tiya Cooter.

2024 symposium chair, Racheal Demanya, wearing a Darwin-inspired beard provided by the Humanists in a goody bag!

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