Bringing the Gift of Life: Students Make a Match with Donor Recruitment Drive


Saving lives is no small task, but SUNY New Paltz student Gavriel “Gavi” Goldstein ’23 ‘24g (Psychological Science) is working to make it easier for his peers to achieve that goal. 

Goldstein is ambassador for our campus chapter of Gift of Life, a public bone marrow and blood stem cell registry that matches donors with individuals afflicted with rare and life-threatening cancers to join the registry and support this cause. 

“The more people join, the more likely we can point to a match for patients with rare diseases,” said Goldstein. 

The group had an incredible success earlier this year, when Goldstein’s good friend and alumnus Allen Gitelman ‘23 (Business Analytics) received a text message that he matched with a 71-year-old woman battling acute myelogenous leukemia, months after participating in one of the Gift of Life’s donor drives last year. 

“It felt like the right thing to do,” said Gitelman. “I thought, if I’m gifted with this opportunity to help somebody, why not use it?” 

Gitelman followed through with a further assessment that confirmed he was a match for the patient and is now awaiting the results of her treatment.   

This was the second match to date for our campus Gift of Life chapter, driven in large part by Goldstein’s efforts. He first got involved with the charity as a high school student, and now rigorously promotes its life-changing cause through social media and booths at campus events. 

Gift of Life New Paltz hosts donation drives once a month, and has generated hundreds of signups since its inception last year.

“I’m so grateful to be at New Paltz,” said Goldstein. “The warmth of the people here is amazing. I meet people all the time who are excited to help save peoples’ lives and spread the word about the Gift of Life’s mission.” 

Reproduced from New Paltz News.

Gift of Life photo

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