Profs. Tabitha Holmes and Karla Vermeulen Present with Students at SSEA Conference

Associate Professor Tabitha Holmes and Assistant Professor Karla Vermeulen both presented papers co-authored with SUNY New Paltz students at the Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood conference in Washington, DC on November 3. Dr. Holmes’ paper, “What if we had never broken up?”: How emerging adults make meaning out of past relationships, was written with graduate students Melissa Blankstein, Timea Tozser, and Brittany Mable. Melissa and Timea delivered the talk with help from undergrad student Katrina Scarimbolo. Timea and Dr. Holmes also presented a poster on Timea’s thesis research, “What if I had never been depressed?” Counterfactual thinking, stigma, and meaning-making in emerging adults who have experienced depression. Dr. Vermeulen’s paper, co-authored by Melissa Blankstein, was on Election distress as motivator for political engagement among emerging adults and addressed SUNY New Paltz students’ reactions to the 2016 presidential election.

Left to right: Katrina Scarimbolo, Monica Blankenstein, Tabitha Holmes, Timea Tozer

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