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My legacy of being a Nuyorican

Will not die

You must be a Mulatta

Why did my ancestor have to be questioned?


Money buys color

Why did my ancestors need money to be colored?



Lola Rodriguez de Tió

Fought for me y mi mama

So much devotion

Why did I not know about my ancestors until now?


Hay, Pantoja thank you…

For the education of the latinx community



As I take this pen I write my legacy

So listen to this rhythm of my story


De pura sepa!

Ya hear that

But your too dark to be Puerto Rican

Excuse me,

You probably do not even speak spanish

Claro que si.


From hate, to being unwanted

But your ignorance is meaningless


I am still Puerto Rican

But you are just a girl, a spanish one too!


I am college, making your perception of me


I am still that Puerto Rican woman

Long Hair, Caramel Skin

I never hated being in my own skin


I love being a leader …

When I walk into a room I am Lola, I am my legacies

And forever will embrace that.