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For your weekly posts, you can choose from the following formatting options:

  1. letter: must be at least 500 words, no more than 800
  2. testimonia: a personal narrative with a critical lens that produces knowledge (500 words)
  3. poetry: written or spoken, no word min/max; if spoken, must be recorded-see performance below
  4. performance: you can execute a performance broadly defined but must be recorded for sharing and posted with accompanying 150 word explanation; if recording is too big for uploading to course blog students may post a link to the recording that exists elsewhere online
  5. image: you can make an original collage, photo, painting, or illustration with accompanying 150 word explanation


blog post grading:

  • 2 = excellent (clearly demonstrates reading comprehension and consideration)
  • 1.5 = satisfactory (demonstrates basic reading comprehension and consideration)
  • 1 = needs improvement (does not demonstrate reading comprehension or consideration adequately)