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Lateness and Absences: More than three unexcused absences will lower your final grade and more than five absences (excused or unexcused) may cause you to fail the course. Three late arrivals will count as an absence. 

Late Work: Unless given permission/an extension by professor, for every day an assignment is late the grade is lowered one half letter grade.

Weekly Blog Post: 25 points

Students are responsible for uploading one blog post in response to the readings once per week (with the exception of 2 “freebie weeks”) for a total of 12. Students can choose to respond to the readings for Tuesday or Friday, BUT please NOTE that responses are due to the blog on the Monday or Thursday before class by 5pm. Students can choose from the following formatting options for their responses: letter (500 words), testimonia (500 words), poetry (written or spoken, no word min/max), performance (broadly defined but has to be uploaded, can be a link if data is too big for course blog with accompanying 150 word explanation), or an image (collage, photo, painting, illustration with accompanying 150 word explanation).

grading: 2pts = excellent (clearly demonstrates reading comprehension and consideration) 1.5pts = satisfactory (demonstrates basic reading comprehension and consideration) 1pts = needs improvement (does not demonstrate reading comprehension or consideration adequately)

Midterm Podcast: 15 points
Due Friday March 10th by class time

The first podcast must: be 20 minutes in length; address a central question in Latina/x Feminisms; and adhere generally to the following structure: first 5 minutes as an introduction, 10-15 minutes of dialogue, remaining time as a conclusive/forward thinking reflection on the question at hand. Keep in mind: prepare your script before you record; record and edit the recording as best you can; sign release forms (Latina Feminisms Podcast_sample-student-recording-release-1hnp9kk); be attentive to copyright laws for music/sounds. *Students can work in pairs and dialogue with each other.* Students will post their podcast to the course blog. (If you can’t figure out how to embed, that’s fine. Just post the link).

Free Podcast Software: Audacity (to produce) and Soundcloud (to publish).

How to Trim Audacity.

How to pull clips in Audacity from GarageBand

Lead Class Discussion: 20 points

Students will be responsible for generating class discussion two times over the semester (one pre-midterm and one post, each worth 10 points). At least 24 hours before class, students will email the professor three discussion provoking questions. **You are not to present on a day that you choose to post a blog. Presentations are to be done on “freebie days”.**

Essay on Latina/x Feminisms: 20 points
Due Tuesday April 28th

Connect your own intellectual curiosity with the keywords, themes, and methods discussed in class in a 5-7 page research paper. Engage between 2 and 4 of the readings from class in addition to at least 2 “outside” sources. We will develop research questions and theses in class.

All of your written work should follow these formatting requirements; neglecting to do so will cost you points: Double spaced (except header) Times New Roman 12pt. font 1” margins Either Chicago or MLA citation style, when necessary Don’t forget your header! All papers should include a header at the top left of the page, as follows:

Date WOM393-02 Latina Feminisms
Assignment Name

End of Semester Podcast: 20 points
Due Friday May 19th

The final podcast must: be 30 minutes in length; reflect on the semester and what you’ve learned, where you’ll take the knowledge you’ve learned, and what questions you still have about Latina/x Feminisms. Keep in mind: prepare your script before you record; record and edit the recording as best you can; sign release forms (to be supplied); be attentive to copyright laws for music/sounds. Final podcast can also be completed in a pair.