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A poetry response to La Prieta’s, Who Are My People? by Gloria Anzaldua.


Loving someone for their pure existence;

Should not be tarnished due to differences or personal hatred;

Do not apply your insecurities to someone else’s strength;

And then successively, turning their strengths into their weaknesses;

“Treat others as you would want to be treated;”

Would you like someone to pierce you with their offensive slurs?

Or choke you with their disapproving glances?

So do not commit these transgressions onto them.


I do not care if you are white, black, or purple;

If you are straight, gay, or pansexual;

If you love me, then I love you too;

But beware, not everybody is capable of this love.


I would like to ask those who struggle with their children’s identities;

Why does it bother you so much about who they become?

If not to live vicariously through them, why do you care how your child looks or who they love?

If they are happy, why do you care?


So to those outraged about your child dressing as the opposite sex;

Or to those squeamish at the thought of your child caressing and loving someone of the same sex;

Would you rather walk your child down the aisle?

Or put flowers on their coffin?